Four Pillars of Destiny FAQ
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What can the Four Pillars of Destiny tell me?

The Four Pillars of Destiny provides a “blueprint” of your Destiny. It provides information about the prevailing influences at any given time in your life and indicates when to grasp opportunities, when to reflect and learn a new skill.  In addition it’s a great indicator of basic personality traits, best career choices, the kind of relationship the person has with their parents, grandparents, superiors, subordinates, spouse, friends, siblings and children as well as the type of education they should pursue. In essence the quality of life a person will experience in various cycles.

Can I change My Destiny?

The Four Pillars of Destiny is a powerful blueprint of your Destiny. As I stated earlier, you can change the plan before it occurs. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Truer words could not be spoken. Having a Four Pillars of Destiny analysis is to be forewarned of what is in store for you. Nothing is set in stone. You ALWAYS have Free Will.

The Chinese believe that education and doing good deeds can help to reduce bad cycles revealed in the Four Pillars of Destiny.

How often should I have my Four Pillars of Destiny analyzed?

Every year brings new elemental influences. These influences have an impact on the energy field that surrounds us. It is advisable to have a Four Pillars of Destiny analysis performed at the beginning of each year.

Does Four Pillars of Destiny relate to Karma?

      A Four Pillars of Destiny chart can be likened to a map of your Karma.

Why do you need my time and location of birth?

The time and location of birth indicate where the Earth is in relationship to the Sun and thereby what frequencies are in place at the birth location at the time of birth. A difference of as little as 30 degrees longitude can make a difference of an entire hour if the specified time is close to the change of hours.

Also times designated by local governments such as Daylight Savings Time and Eastern Standard Time must be taken into consideration as well for adjustments in a chart.

What if I do not know my exact time of birth?

If you do not know your exact time of birth you are not alone. Because many people do not know their exact time of birth, methods and techniques have been developed to determine the probable hour of birth. Therefore, a Four Pillars of Destiny analysis can be done without the exact time of birth.

How does Four Pillars of Destiny relate to Feng Shui?

Four Pillars of Destiny is considered to be only one factor in a person’s life experience. The others are personal effort, an individual’s actions Free Will and a person’s physical environment or Feng Shui.

Many Feng Shui Masters consider a client’s Four Pillars of Destiny when they analyze the client’s home or office. They feel and understanding the client’s Four Pillars of Destiny gives them a better insight into the client’s circumstances.


What does a Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology Chart Cost?

The cost Varies depended on what information you want.

Do you want to know when a certain frequency, drama, conflict, boredom, or stress will end or when happiness, joy, fun and elation will come? Are you in a rut and want to know when it will end?

Then chose the Annual Chart. $150. She will create and analyze your Natal Chart and compare it with the year ahead, make notes and then share her findings with you. Expect to spend an hour with Rochel with this choice.

Do you want to know what career is best for you?

Then chose the Career Chart. $100. Rochel will create and analyze your Natal Chart for what is your best career paths and explain when it is best to pursue career changes if warranted. Expect to spend an hour with Rochel with this choice.

Do you want to better understand your self and your life, your Karma and why you have had the experiences you have? Want to know your best career path and how to handle the future?

Then chose the Full Chart. $300. Rochel will initially create and analyze your Natal Chart. Then she will create your Ten Year Luck Pillars and compare and analyze them against your Natal chart and against the Annual Pillars. Then she will analyze all aspects of the entire Chart as they relate to each other. This is the most comprehensive and revealing of all the charts. Expect to spend a minimum of two hours with Rochel with this choice.


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